Bilmed is an ultrasound training institute that has been providing offline courses for many years


The client is looking for a company that can help them to prepare the digital content. Due to the global pandemic, the training process of Bilmed came to a crash and the institute started searching for a company that would assist them in preparing the digital data for restarting the training. Apart from all challenges, the pandemic is the biggest challenge and it makes the production process difficult but we have a team of skilled people who better know how to deal with difficulties and make the production run smoothly.


We understand the value of the training process. That's why we make the group of two teams: one is working on content while another is working on technical aspects and after a long process we get success in creating the medical videos and assisting the institute to transform the offline course into digital content.


After the successful handover of training medical videos, the institute was able to jumpstart its training online through the new digital curriculum. The training videos turned out to be more than successful in training and learning process for students. This project altered the training perspective and our unspoken goal was to make India unstoppable during a pandemic.

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