Ciena Network

CIENA is a networking system, services, and software company. Ciena is the second-largest software development company and is driven by a relentless pursuit of network innovation.


The client wanted to create a video that transformed a complex training process into a simple digital library and was easy to access from anywhere. Transforming offline training processes into digital content is quite challenging because the instructor has to perform all the techniques and skills in front of the camera. We also face things where content needed the animation and chroma keying.


Our team works hard to fulfilling the needs and make client satisfactory videos. We worked on strategies, we put meetings until we understand our client's expectations. Viacom India created the process video and software training video for Ciena, the purpose of the video is to prepare digital content for internal and external uses. We used chroma-keying and animation in the post-production process to make the content more appealing and interactive.


We made effective training videos for the client which break down complex topics into easily understandable modules. The company saw a performance boost in the employees through our videos. Initially, it was difficult because of the extensive content, but we started at one point and soon realized that we had covered the entire content and had taken another step towards digitalization. This set another milestone for our video production company.

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