Shriram Pistons & Rings

SHRIRAM PISTON The SHRIRAM piston and rings (SPR) have a long and illustrious lineage within the SHRIRAM group. One of India's most prestigious and well-known industrial houses.


Viacom India created a training video for establishing the digital library of the company for internal and external uses. The aim of the training video is to train the employees in a short span of time and help the production defect free. The most crucial part of the training video is to understand the content as initially we are not familiar with the content that's why we schedule meetings until we were satisfied from our side only then, we move forward.


We work round ‘o’ clock to build the Shriram training video and set the stage for a successful launch, we leveraged industry insights and work on all possible aspects to create a satisfaction bridge between us. The time came to the post-production but with the help of our expert personnel and the company’s clients, we were able to create accurate content for training videos.


Our training video helps clients to enhance economic growth and effectively train their employees. We turned into their permanent clients and created several more training videos for them. Once again we proved that we are the best training video producer. Viacom India understands the purpose of digital libraries and we helped clients to produce training videos for company growth.

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