Video Distribution, Marketing & Seeding

In a 'video first' world, video is one of the most effective tools marketers can use to raise brand awareness, engage consumers, drive website traffic and increase sales. Video ads are the No. 1 way consumers discover new brands. And 84% of consumers say a brand’s video has convinced them to buy a product or service. Create effective video marketing to stand out from a sea of content, connect with your audiences and boost brand awareness and sales. We at Viacom India understand your audience and buying media space on ad networks and social media, planning and creating great video campaigns, as well as activating, testing, and measuring your success.

Paid Media Marketing And Placements

Paid media placements are an effective way to promote your video content and achieve the desired video views.

It’s a simple cost-per-click system that is easy to plan, manage and analyze. In our experience, paid media works best with consumer-focused films. Paid media operates as a media buy in the traditional sense. Essentially the advertiser has control over the message and is renting space from the media owner to promote that message. The Paid media offers excellent value for money as it guarantees an impression on the viewer. A strategically directed and well-researched message can help in generating conversations around your products and services.

Owned Media Social Video Enhancements

Make your videos stand out on a news feed.

Owned media consists of brand-controlled channels. Websites, blogs, and branded social media channels all fall into this category. Owned media is often viewed as the most cost-effective route and it is an essential part of a seeding campaign. However, owned media is unlikely to generate huge successes by itself unless the brand has a large audience that can be relied upon to share content. Although, nowadays social media advertising is on the rise and the boundaries between paid and owned media are blurring.

Reporting, Roi & Success

To do video content marketing well you need to be constantly monitoring and optimizing.

To do video content marketing well you need to be constantly monitoring and optimizing. We provide you with video statistics, metrics, and suggestions to enhance and improve the effectiveness of your campaign. For you to have a successful and high Return-of-Investment on the campaign are our utmost priorities. Our team weaves plans and optimizes the content with your needs in mind. We have years of experience and success stories that portray the effectiveness of our campaigns. We analyze our campaigns and create reports, constantly improving our marketing and advertising strategies.

Video Ad Campaigns

Get eyes on your brand with a brand new video ad campaign. Trying to establish your brand or creating brand awareness, There is a video ad for everything.

You can create video ad campaigns to bring an audience or clients to your brand or business. Video is a highly engaging medium and is one of the best ways to get your message across. Instream ads such as YouTube advertising works particularly well. A small fee per view places your video as a pre-roll at the start of other videos on the second biggest search engine. YouTube is useful for marketers as they can target their audience by interest and search keywords. We’ve got a proven track record with YouTube advertising and with highly successful results in B2B and specialized markets where it's hard to reach the viewers.

Influencer, Blogger & Affiliates Outreach

Blogger outreach also works well where campaigns are tailored towards a niche audience.

Blogger outreach also works well where campaigns are tailored towards a niche audience. We achieved the placements by asking website owners and influential bloggers if they’d like to feature our video. Bloggers want content that their audience will love. This means you need compelling, relevant content in the first place. Then you need to build relationships with and target bloggers/Influencers who are the target audience for your video. For peace of mind that your video will actually be seen by the right audience, get in touch today.

Video Marketing Strategy, Consultation & Audience Research

Get helpful research and tips for your marketing videos.

Launching a video or advertising campaign without a marketing strategy is like hitting a nail blindfolded. Strategizing your ads to reach the target audience, striking your brand goals and testing-retesting of campaigns are necessary to make your advertisement as effective as it can be. This includes consultation and audience research from time to time to keep the track of market trends and the mindset of the audience. Viacom India meticulously plans the strategy for every individual campaign taking help from its vast research database and years of experience. This strategizing and planning plays a vital role throughout the entire campaign. While the campaign is running, we track the ad performance and stay ready with strategies if things go south. From start to end, we monitor the ads and are prepared for everything with a plan of action.

Earned Media And Digital Pr

Earned media or digital PR is more important than it has ever been in today’s communications landscape. To put it simply, it is the most effective factor in building consumer trust.

Earned media or digital PR is more important than it has ever been in today’s communications landscape. To put it simply, it is the most effective factor in building consumer trust. The techniques used today aren’t too different from the PR techniques of old and focus on building relationships with bloggers, journalists, and influencers to drive engagement to your video content. Earned Media can work well with a B2B market as it can handle sophisticated messaging. For example, we used these techniques with great effect for App Download & product promotion.

Ott & Other Platforms

Thrive Your Business with Optimization and Target Hitting across the millions of users on OTT platforms.

Using the power of video ads our primary focus is to bring your product/service to the limelight. OTT and other digital content platforms have a huge user base. Targeted ads can generate brand awareness and brand loyalty. People often pay complete attention while streaming OTT platforms and therefore a more content-wise advertisement can be curated for the audience. From selecting the right platform to creating intriguing advertisements, we deliver all its features and benefits quickly to the potential prospects, making them convert immediately.

Video Seeding, Activation & Promotion

Reach the right audience to help your videos go viral.

Video seeding ensures that your content is put in front of the right people at the right time to generate maximum awareness and create as much conversation as possible amongst the target audience. The success of these video campaigns is never down to luck. Video seeding is critical to the success of any video marketing campaign. A great video is important but isn’t enough. Effective video seeding can create a viral effect, maximise the audience for your video and ultimately boost your ROI. We can help ensure that your content is seen with a strategic video activation plan. Our expert team of planners, media buyers and marketing consultants are ready to create an insightful distribution strategy for your brand and have experience of seeding videos of all types from a broad appeal consumer campaign to tightly focused B2B promotions.

Video Search Engine Optimization

Generate views and drive customers to your video content via video SEO.

Video Titling, Description, Keywords, Hashtags, SEO- Boost your rankings on YouTube, Instagram, and Google so that you can attract more customers. In the digital world, you can’t go out handing brochures to everyone you meet. It is a severe waste of resources as well as your time. Both of these are of immense importance to the organization and should be used efficiently. SEO - Search Engine Optimisation is a way of targeting the right audience for your content. We put great efforts into finding the suitable hashtags, keywords, descriptions, and titles for your content and brand to reach the places and audience where it needs to.

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