Exploring The Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the blending of interactive digital elements – like dazzling visual overlays, buzzy haptic feedback, or other sensory projections – into our real-world environments

Using a phone or tablet’s camera and motion sensors, AR works by finding points in the environment and then tracking them as you move the device. It doesn’t create a 3D model of a space, but it can ‘pin’ objects to one point, realistically changing their scale and perspective. It can also find flat surfaces, which is great for placing digital props in the real world.

Augmented reality can be used to allow consumers to interact with products before they buy. For example, it can show how a sofa might look in their living room or a car on their drive. It can be used to decorate a space or visualize a restaurant menu, add player stats to a football game or even unlock prizes. The possibilities are endless.

We at Viacom after analyzing the needs of our clients, also advise them on the best technological channels to realize their augmented realities’ needs. we take our time to ensure that the media experiencing this type of virtual reality corresponds to two things: your business and brand objectives. We also work closely with our clients to determine the best ways they would like to use to achieve their intended results.


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