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How Digital Campaign Works?

Do you see Facebook ads in your newsfeed? Do you follow brands on Instagram to see what they will release next? In today’s age of technology, you see digital marketing campaigns each and every day. All of these types of...

Crafting Stories Through Videos

Are you trying to communicate your vision to your staff and customers? There’s nothing more boring than an interview-style video. We prefer to showcase your day, while you communicate your vision and values. Video is the best way to communicate your stories with the audience.

What Is A Corporate Documentary?

Many people don’t know what a corporate documentary is so let’s start with that. A corporate documentary is a documentary film whose focus is on the function of your brand or business. Think of them as a movie trailer for your organizations and businesses.

Advertising Trends In 2022

Advertising in 2022 is focused more on developing good relations with consumers. Products come second to engagement with customers. Companies want the audience to be engaged in discussions and conversations about them.

Invitation To 360° Ar

Ecommerce and product-based brands and businesses are highly invested in making 360° videos and animations for their products. This technology makes the content immersive and interactive for the consumers, inviting them to join the exciting experience.

What Are Documentary Films?

A documentary film is a form that allows us to walk in another's shoes, to build a sense of shared humanity, that gives voice to the marginalized and the scorned, and that strives to hold those in power to account.

What Is Disruptive Branding?

Disruptive branding is becoming a major way of putting a fresh perspective of brands in front of customers. Scrambled words, fuzzy layouts, and trippy designs are becoming common. It gives companies the chance to show they don’t play by the rules.

What’S New In Product Videos?

Animations and minimalistic motion graphics are becoming the top choice for product videos. Videos without dialogs and models are currently in meta. As the user attention span gets shorter, micro-content and shorts are heavily used to gain attention to products.

Shrinking Ads And Attention Span

As digital space competes for the shrinking attention span of the users, the duration of advertising is getting shorter and shorter. This trend is believed to continue further and companies are focusing on 6-10 seconds short ads.

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