Creating Distinctive Branded Content

Do you want to grow your business? Or stand out amongst tough competitors? We at Viacom India provide you with video content to help your brand strike the right chords with the consumers and make a mark in the industry.

Video content can be of various types, including brand videos, corporate videos, as well as television commercials. It can focus on your product’s specifications, depict a fictional story around your product, and explain your working environment and corporate lifestyle, possibilities are endless. You can also market yourself through social media.

The type of content on social media depends upon the platform. For example, it is preferable to post longer videos on YouTube and shorter ones on Facebook and Instagram. Whereas the dimensions of YouTube videos are 1920×1080, the same for Instagram would be 864×1080. 

Social media marketing is on the rise and is probably one of the best ways to attract followers and grow your consumer base in today’s day and age. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. If you want to get people interested in your product/service, your content must be unique, grab the viewers’ attention, and keep them engaged. But, don’t worry! Viacom will manage your online content and make sure that all your social media needs are met. 

Video content is always a good way to get your target audience to notice you. Good content plus a good marketing strategy together can get your brand’s name on the tip of their tongues. For instance, a strategy to release multiple videos in the form of a campaign, such as 1 video every 3 months, 1 video every 15 days, or 1 video per week, can help you spread the word about your brand.    

The best time of the year to market your brand is during festivals, or on special days depending upon your product/service. For example, it is a good idea to market an ethnic wear brand during the Diwali season, or a chocolate brand during Valentine’s Day. Another way of advertising your brand is to start marketing every time a new line of products is launched. A fashion brand can release a new video at the end of every season to introduce their upcoming range such as summer collection, winter collection, spring collection, and so on. 

Our extensive experience in video strategy, video production, video marketing, and video advertising makes us one of the best in town and we are proud to have worked for a diverse range of companies, from renowned multinational corporate to MSMEs, SMEs, and agencies. What we provide you as a video agency is an effective video and strategy within your budget. We have a track record of delivering innovative ideas, honest advice, and cost-effective solutions with creativity and passion. We look forward to doing the same for you!


Let's create content that defines you and inspires others.