What Are Corporate Videos And Why Are They So Effective?

Curious about how to bring your brand into limelight with corporate videos? Learn the essentials of creating crisp and concise videos for your companies.

As the name suggests, corporate videos are videos for corporate entities like large companies and groups. Small startups and industries also use them to exhibit their brand values. These videos serve various purposes like training your staff, promoting services, brand storytelling, or serving as a guide to new joiners in your company. Corporate videos are for a target-specific audience. The videos can be for a single purpose or can be multi-purpose. It is one of the most popular marketing tools used by corporate entities, with all credit to its resourcefulness and flexibility. 

All corporate bodies need a spokesperson, a person who can deliver their message in a creative, indulging, and passionate. This person needs to repeat this message in the same way whenever required. It seems a tiring and daunting task for a human. That’s where corporate videos come in. These videos help companies convey the right message to the right people. No, these videos don’t have to be boring, dull, and monotonous. Sadly, a lot of these videos made are this way. We need to break this tradition of unrelieved corporate videos.


Prepare the objectives for your corporate videos in a crisp and concise format. They should be easy to understand and follow. Remember that people making corporate videos must comprehend them fully to provide you with creative solutions for videos. Only you can fully understand your company’s actual goals and ambitions. List all the elements you want to highlight or hide in your videos. These clear and informative guidelines will help you get the best out of your corporate videos. If you fail to make targeted and precise topics for the script, the output should not surprise you if it results in a lackluster product. 


Choosing the right agency and budget for your corporate videos can be tricky. If you think you can never go wrong by selecting the most expensive and premium agency, you need to understand few things. For the premium ad agencies, your brand can be of little to no value unless it's in the Fortune 500 companies. You’ll be charged heavily for inferior solutions that you could have looked upon the internet yourself. It is wiser to go with the advertising agencies that cater to your market and are in your budget range. They’ll providev much better value for money and solutions targeting your desired market .


Corporate videos are an effective tool in marketing and communications. If you input necessary planning and thinking into the videos, they can produce fascinating results for the corporate entities. These videos can be used for various purposes and serve ultimate value for their price. We at Viacom India tailor these corporate videos to achieve complete efficacy and cost-effectiveness through videos. We take utmost care in strategizing the objectives of videos. We plan, discuss, revise and plan again until you are satisfied with the direction of the videos.  Remember, corporate videos are made for target-specific audiences and their content should be targeted to them only. We wish you the best of luck in your brand-building journey.


Created by - Saurabh Shukla

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