Finding Your Way In Digital Advertising

Sailing through the digital ocean can be difficult for brands and businesses. Finding your dream audience and expected ROI through advertising can be difficult process. We help you guide through it.

We are in the oceans of digital space, trying to locate our dream islands. A place where ideal customers reside, ones who will generate revenue and indulge in brand loyalty. Sailing through this ocean ain’t cheap and we get weary as we keep seafaring. We have tons of optimization services and analytical tools to help find these islands. These tools do work, but what if you don’t know what islands you are looking for? What tools will work for you? Finding your way to these islands can be an intimidating and overwhelming process.


First start with identifying your audience, just like making a map. Start with your existing customers and social media followers. Learning about their location, age, gender identification, job title, industry, education level, household income, interests, hobbies, and platform usage. This will give you a good insight into who your audience is. Check out your competitors, and watch which islands they visit and why. Digging into your analytics can also be helpful in creating a map to reach the target audience.


Next comes choosing your ship i.e the platforms you choose. It’s definitely great to put up campaigns on a lot of platforms, but if you think about that in the long run it’s going to get costly. It’s wiser to choose targeted platforms rather than placing your ads on all of them. We at Viacom India, do exactly that by strategic planning and research. You can use your map(analytics and user data) to find what platforms and services you should be targeting. Calculate the expenses for the long run as the digital ocean is vast and it takes time to find the right islands.


Once you start your journey, tools like Google Adsense, Hubspot, VWO, Semrush, Facebook ads, youtube ads, Slack, and OptinMonster, can help you accelerate your hunt. Mastery of these tools is necessary to use them effectively, otherwise, they’ll just add to your expenses without giving out the value. Make sure you have the right people on board who know how to make the best use of these tools. If done properly, you’ll cut short your chase and will be reaping rewards a.k.a the desired audience.


Voila, you’ve found the dream islands. What now? It’s all about marketing now. Imagine a new seller setting up his stall. What products he sets up and how he sets them are going to determine his sales. Meticulously planned content and branding are what’s going to pull your audience into your products and services. First impressions are crucial and you need your most creative minds for this campaign. Done properly, and you’ll be selling products and services like hot cakes. If you ever get lost, retrace your steps, and check where you took the steps, just like sailors in the sea. And these islands, they keep shifting. My advice! Always be prepared to set sail, always keep one eye open.

By - Saurabh Shukla


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