Real Estate Video

Real estate videos are the videos created by the house owners or the real estate agents to showcase your home, attract new customers and market your services.

Listing videos provide an overview of the homes and properties you're selling. An exciting and engaging video will pique buyers' interest and make them more likely to reach out to you or your real estate agency. With the use of exciting drone shots and beautiful shots of interiors and exteriors, these videos can highlight the selling points of the property. Real estate videos may also include the locality of the house, shots of neighbors in real-time motion, and parks or community houses nearby just to increase the appeal of the house.

A customer looking at a real estate video can et the basic tour of the house without even having to leave the comfort of their bed. Recent studies show that 51% of people buy homes that they find online. Videos showing families interacting with the house give the viewers a relatable experience and thus, increase the chances of being contacted much more. Real estate videos uploaded online appear in internet searches and interested buyers can then reach out to the company by the information mentioned in the video. Uploading your videos on Google and Youtube and creating tagging key phrases will increase the chances of your property being viewed much more increasing your reach.

We at Viacom India help you create professional real estate videos that not only showcase the exterior and interior in a beautified manner but also showcase your house in use. Using various angles and shots we not only try to show your house and its locality in a cinematic manner but also create engaging videos that will attract new customers.


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