Storytelling Videos

Stories engage our brains and make us feel things. They shape us, motivate us and influence us.

Storytelling is almost as old as time itself. Good stories can resonate for generations, cut across cultures, and sweep us into imaginary worlds. Stories are an essential component of our lives. The way to stand out from your competitors is to create video content with a narrative. You can convey your core message – but in a much more memorable way: creating content that stands out and highlights those value-adding qualities that are hard to communicate in other formats.


Storytelling experts at Viacom work together and equip you with the most creative way to tell your story on film – whether it’s through a documentary, commercial, web series, or even a narrative film.

Videos that use storytelling are infinitely more engaging than those that don’t. Stories resonate with your audience; conveying emotions, providing content your audience might identify with or aspire to, capturing their attention and imagination, and relating to them on a human level. Engaging video content also results in more actions – as viewers are more likely to watch the video all the way through, and then respond to whatever call-to-action is used at the end.

Video already gives you an advantage over the written word as people retain information from visual images for much longer than text. But if you want to give your video communication longevity in your audience’s minds, storytelling is the ideal tool to employ. It’s no coincidence that many tools for improving memory revolve around telling a story, So, a video that uses a simple storyline enables your target audience to recall the whole concept more easily.


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