Realizing The Potential Of Testimonials

Learn how testimonials can be an effective tool in creating an ever-lasting brand image and trust. Testimonials are the reviews that a client or customer gives after using your product and service.

Testimonials are as old as civilizations, from Roman empires to Mughal Kingdoms all have relied on testimonies as the absolute truth and evidence. Testimonials still remain relevant centuries later and are still in use. What has kept the testimonials so captivating and useful in this world where reviews, rankings, and statistics are there to justify the services and products. What makes testimonials the flag bearer of trust and truthfulness?


We as humans still believe more in personal recommendations and word of mouth. It takes courage and dignity to testify for some service and products in front of people. Testimonials work efficiently because of this human factor. We are more likely to believe a person recommending a product or service rather than a signboard saying the same. This enables testimonials to create a much wider impact on the target audience helping in generating trust for brands and businesses.


Various brands offer products to influencers and the public in return for video testimonies. Book publishers often use quote testimonials to promote their books. Lifestyle and social media apps use influencers and celebrities to create their testimonies. Corporate and Industries record testimonies of the clients to use them for future purposes. Industrial sectors incorporate case studies in their brochures, and mobile games depend upon third-party reviews from app stores. It’s hard to find a brand or business that doesn’t rely on testimonials these days.


The widespread use of testimonials depicts the viability and reliability of testimonials. Brands and businesses know that objectively designed testimonies are a key resource to boost sales and returning customers. The psychology of testimonials is deep and impactful. It stands on two important pillars: social proof and overcoming the objection that your product won’t work for a particular customer. The objectives of the testimony should be clear and must focus on customer experience. Also, make sure to have prior permission in order to post the customer’s testimonial.

Creating viable testimonies from your clients and customers is like mining gold from the Earth: It's laborious, it's difficult and it takes time. But it’s gold, it has never-ending usability and ever-growing value. Testimonies are the fruit of excellent products and services. An eloquent testimony in the courtroom can turn the jury and members of the public in your favor.  It works the same for brands and businesses by turning your audience into your potential clients and customers.


We at Viacom India help you to create a library of testimony videos with target-specific content and strategies. Creating impactful and viable testimonies which highlight your key features. Make your testimonials impactful and convincing through the art and craft of storytelling and advertising. Enabling you to keep your testimonies at the head of your display for the next client or customer. What is being said in the testimonies is of utmost importance, it must highlight your key selling points.


By - Saurabh Shukla



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