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Viacom India Virtual Tour Platform offers a?streamlined?intuitive design? for all types of higher education?organizations?wanting to show their campus? in the best possible light. ?We? incorporate our award winning360° photography with a? mobile-ready, elegant interface that makes virtual tour navigation a breeze. Smart design elements can display features when you need them or hide them when you don't. We can layer in?your?existing marketing and multimedia elements right into the flow of an existing tour with hotspots. What Is Unique To Your School Or University? Almost every?school?has a diverse?campus?with lots of departments and activities to show, an established brand, and compelling student life. Increase Physical Campus Visits? by showing off the campus to its best, increase Applications? and Yield Rates? by putting links to application pages right inside the tour using ours? hotspots, Spotlight the brand of your campus? by showing the experiences of your student body in 360°. Leverage technology? to bring users a step closer to a live-visit experience.

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