Drone Aerial Photography

Panoramic drone photography involves the use of special equipment and software to capture aerial photos with an elongated view, giving viewers greater perception than they would be able to achieve from any standing point. Drones are ideal for panoramic photography due to the fact that they can be precisely controlled to capture images around a fixed point, allowing for a seamless panoramic image that will take your breath away. We specialize in large formats for our panoramic aerial photos, which are a great solution for murals, truck wraps, website headers, and other creative uses. Our UAV's are capable of producing high definition panoramic photographs; this is achieved with the help of state of the art GPS functionality which keeps the UAV in a fixed position. With complete sensor clearance of the chassis, we are able to pan our gimbal along its horizontal axis and take multiple photos which can then be stitched together with post produce. The results are comprehensive high megapixel panoramic photographs.

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