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Sales is an emotional process. You are solving a problem, answering a question, or filling a void for someone with your product. Sometimes we buy things on gut feeling, sometimes we do extensive research. The way people buy and sell has changed over the years but the premise is still the same ? you want someone to have a connection with your product and then take an action to buy it. You could argue that any video is a sales video, but here we're referring to video sales pages, where often the sales page is nothing more than a video and a buy button, Video has proven to be as equally effective at solving internal communication and business challenges as it has for generating leads and brand awareness outside of the organization. Sales Videos are designed to drive a customer to commit immediately. This means there is an incentive, a deadline, a prize, a reason to act now. The simplest form of this is every commercial you see on TV that is pushing their big holiday sale.

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